Smartphone Photography Workshop

You don’t need an expensive camera to take great photos.

Nearly everyone now carries the only camera they need with them on a daily basis — their smartphone. 
This workshop will teach anyone — regardless of age, ability or tech-savvy — that they can take amazing photos with their smartphone.

The workshop is designed with a learning-by-doing approach and covers a mix of photography principles and some of the latest tips and tricks to using your smartphone camera.

The Workshop

Part One (~1 hour) – Presentation/Demonstration

  • Presentation on general photography principles and tips and tricks on how to control your phone.
  • I live-stream my phone screen to a projector so everyone can see exactly how I am controlling my phone camera in real-time.
  • Q&A and hands-on help throughout the presentation.

Part Two (~30 min ) – Practice time

  • Participants now get some real hands-on practice of what they learned and can choose from a few different photo “assignments.”
  • This can be done in the room, around the building, outside, in a park, etc.
  • I offer more hands-on help and Q&A as needed, and take photos alongside participants.

Part Three (~30 min ) – Editing

  • I live-stream my phone screen to go over how to edit photos with the built-in editing features, as well as some advanced editing techniques using a free app.
  • Participants can share photos they took with the group on the projector.
  • Final Q&A and hands-on help.